Growers, Makers, Masters

Inspire a flavorful life

Here’s to flavor and all it brings to our lives. It’s how we choose to make our days richer, sweeter, spicier and bolder. And when you’re inspired to create remarkable flavor, great things can happen. For more than 100 years, that’s what The French’s Food Company has been all about.


We know you share our passion. The fact is, meeting your high standards guides everything we do. The journey begins in the fields of the Growers. It continues with the craftsmanship of our Makers. And it culminates in the flavorful dishes and experiences created by the Masters.


The Growers

  Long before a bottle of sauce is opened, a seed is sown into the earth. This is where flavor begins—under the watchful eye and delicate care of the Growers. Mustard, peppers, tomatoes and onions are cultivated in the ideal soil and sunlight and harvested at their peak of maturity. Then, and only then, do the Growers deem these ingredients ready to fulfill their promise of exceptional flavor.

Frank's Redhot

Carefully grown with patience and respect. 

The right soil and sunlight are critical for growing the quality cayenne peppers that give Frank’s® RedHot® Sauce its distinctive flavor. But just as important are the individuals who work the land day in, day out, to assure that the peppers reach their full potential. 

We’re fortunate to partner with the finest and most dedicated cayenne pepper growers in North America. And not surprisingly, their heritages are as storied as the Frank’s® RedHot® brand itself.

“Our father started farming in the Mesilla Valley around 1959,” says Pete, a cayenne pepper grower in New Mexico. “My brothers and I grew up working and helping on the farm and continued farming together after our father retired.” 

Respect for the land, patience and discipline, and passion for creating outstanding products are principles that Pete and his brothers learned from working with their father—and they’re still evident in the way they all go about farming today. 

“We’re passionate about growing a crop and following it through all stages of production from planting, growing, harvesting, mashing, fermentation and shipping,” says Pete. “The ultimate reward is seeing all our efforts in a bottle of Frank’s® RedHot® Sauce in our hometown restaurants and grocery stores.”


#1 grade mustard seeds. Grown by mustard’s #1 fans

Using only the finest #1 grade mustard seeds requires a commitment above and beyond what most manufacturers are willing to make. But it’s what sets French’s® Mustard apart, and it begins by partnering with farmers who share our passion for excellence. The expertise they bring to their craft each day results in a consistently clean, fresh and full-flavored product.

Cool weather and rich soil are the ideal conditions for growing mustard seeds. Knowledge of soil preservation is also critical to assure that the earth will continue to bear the same high-quality results for years to come. 

“In the past ten years, we have learned more about soils and how they work since the beginning of agriculture,” says Larry, a second-generation farmer who grows mustard. “Incorporating this will bring us better crops with higher yields.”

Major advances have come in technology as well, which assures a safe and high-quality product. Jon, another mustard farmer, describes it best. “Technology has been the consumer’s best friend. Through the use of new technologies, we produce food better while making less of an impact on the environment than ever.”

“Each and every day of life we all eat…it is important to me to provide for the world the best and safest quality product to enjoy,” concludes Larry. We couldn’t agree more.

Growing the best tomatoes requires careful tending—and timing

The fact that Cattlemen’s® BBQ Sauces are made using only thick, rich tomato paste (not watery tomato puree) means it’s critical to start with the finest tomatoes available. That’s why we insist on partnering with the best tomato farmers under the sunny California sky.

The Growers of Cattlemen’s® tomatoes are dedicated to cultivating the ideal conditions for their crop—from soil preparation, to seeding, to watering. They also embrace sustainable practices whenever possible, such as using a seedling growth method that conserves water.

Just as important to the entire growing process is when the tomatoes are picked, since ripe tomatoes are critical for creating full flavor. And having the keen insights to harvest the tomatoes at their peak of freshness is what sets Cattlemen’s® farmers apart. 

The Growers understand that they need to cultivate red, ripe tomatoes or the quality just won’t be there in the finished product. Many have been growing quality tomatoes in their families for years—with the wisdom gained in the fields being passed down to each successive generation.

But whether they’re third-generation farmers or first, all Cattlemen’s® tomato growers share one common trait: they’re steadfastly committed to helping us create the richest, most authentic BBQ sauce flavors available.


Frank's Redhot

The Makers

While nature is the Growers’ workplace, our Makers rely on state-of-the-art manufacturing capabilities to ply their craft. Using proprietary formulas and time-honored processes, they carefully blend and bottle our pristine ingredients into the full-flavored products that have come to define The French’s Food Company brands.

Perfectly blended by those who know. 

It’s no secret that Frank’s® RedHot® Sauce is made from quality cayenne peppers—aged to spicy perfection in fermenting tanks. But just exactly what goes into their production is heavily guarded information. That’s for the Makers to know. And only the Makers. 

Fortunately for us, we employ the industry’s most experienced and knowledgeable individuals to formulate, blend and craft the pepper mash into the perfect balance of flavor and heat. Its their dedication that has made Frank’s® RedHot® the #1 hot sauce brand in America.¹

Assuring consistently superior quality means everything to employees such as David, who has been keeping his keen eye on the production of Frank’s® RedHot® Sauce since 1999. “I perform numerous quality checks and analytical tests throughout the day,” says David. “Just knowing I produced a quality product at the end of the day is my biggest reward.” 


¹ IRI, 52 weeks ending 1/25/2015

 Only seasoned pros can make perfectly seasoned mustard

Given all the care that goes into growing French’s® #1 grade mustard seeds, it just makes sense to assure an equally strong investment into their processing. The Makers are the ones who transform the seeds into our superior-quality products, and no one is more to thank for making French’s® America’s Favorite Mustard™.

It takes a real commitment to employ a team of certified master grinders and keep them performing their craft for every bottle of French’s® Mustard produced. But we believe the results are well worth the investment. 

As plant veteran Kim describes, “it’s a combination of art and science to run the mustard mills and get just the right grind.” After nearly three decades on the job, she continues to confirm our decision to employ only the best people and best practices.

Aiming for perfection every day

Tomatoes grown with care and harvested at their peak of ripeness are the foundation of every bottle of Cattlemen’s® BBQ Sauce. And as they journey from sunny California fields to our state-of-the-art processing facility in Springfield, Missouri, the torch is passed to the Makers to impart their care and expertise in the process.

Longtime plant employees such as Jason appreciate everything that has gone into the growing of Cattlemen’s® tomatoes. After all, perfect tomato paste makes for perfect barbeque sauce, which is exactly what Jason strives for as he mixes the main base ingredient for Cattlemen’s® BBQ Sauces. 

“My goal is to make our product right the first time, every time,” says Jason. “That’s what gives me a feeling of satisfaction at the end of the day.” Considering all the acclaim our Sauces have earned, we’d like to thank Jason for a job well done.

The Masters

Inspiration meets creativity at the final stage of the process. Enter the culinary Masters. They have the passion and expertise to bring out the kind of flavor that heightens the dining experience for their patrons. We’re right there with them in the kitchen, providing the products, insights and support they need to make it happen.

Frank's Redhot

Inspired by the perfect blend of flavor and heat™

When a plate of freshly prepared hot wings first arrives on the table, and their spicy aroma begins to fill the air, it’s a moment of truth that will define the entire experience. That’s why inspired culinary Masters insist on Frank’s® RedHot® Sauce.

Chefs who know appreciate the aged cayenne peppers used to make Frank’s® RedHot® Sauce. And all the care and attention that has gone into growing, aging and bottling the peppers also goes into the dishes the Masters create to delight their guests. 

Today, the Frank’s® RedHot® lineup has expanded to include bold global flavors that bring new excitement to wings, sandwiches, pizza and more—and even greater possibilities for those inspired to create authentic and unforgettable flavor.

Inspired by the flavors of a favorite brand

Culinary masters know that every aspect of a meal matters—from the center of the plate to the condiments and toppings used to complement the flavors. And for more than 100 years, inspired chefs have reached for French’s® products to elevate their dishes to flavorful new heights. 

Chefs can taste the difference thanks to the #1 grade mustard seeds used to create French’s® iconic Mustards; the red ripe tomatoes and real sugar used to create sweet French’s™ Tomato Ketchup; and the yellow globe onions used to create the crunchy goodness of French’s® French Fried Onions. They know their patrons can taste the difference, too.

Put it all together, and you’ve got the makings of one delicious cheeseburger. Or put some more thought to it, and you’ve got the ingredients to create legendary new dishes. Either way, it all starts with the inspiration of one of America’s favorite brands.

Inspired by authentic, world-class BBQ flavor

If anyone can spot an imitation, it’s a barbeque lover. Even perfectly smoked meats will fall short if the BBQ sauce used is anything less than outstanding. That’s why serious BBQ craftsmen have chosen the authentic flavor of Cattlemen’s® for 50+ years. 

Crafted from tomato paste for thick, rich consistency, Cattlemen’s® inspires culinary masters to create legendary BBQ flavor. Chefs not only appreciate Cattlemen’s® many distinctive flavor profiles, but also the ability to easily customize each sauce with their own signature ingredients.

Cattlemen’s® flavor is unbeatable with ribs, brisket and other traditional mainstays. And today it’s opening a whole new world of BBQ possibilities as well. Salads, seafood and breakfast dishes are all within the flavorful realm of possibility when inspired masters Seize the ’Que.