Wellness Solutions

Wellness Solutions


The new wellness solution is all about what you can eat to make you feel better and perform better. Consumers are drifting away from the big meal and using nutrient dense, high protein, low sugar snacks to fuel them throughout the day. The Hartman Group noted that in 2015, 61% of consumers use food to prevent health issues.  


Younger Tweens are becoming students of good food choices as they avoid high amounts of sugar and bad fats. Real health progress will be made as kids further shift protein consumption to vegetables and fiber and become consistently more active.1

“Being well should be a lifelong journey. I’m not going to spend my life on a diet. I'll eat smart in moderation and balance with an active lifestyle.”

The Right Food Choices

“There is a lot I can do to manage my own health from monitoring my heartbeat to calculating consumption."

Consumers are taking a clean and holistic approach to monitoring and managing their health. They read ingredient statements and look for restaurants that they believe prepare and serve real food. The Baum & Whiteman 2016 Food Trends report noted that 40% of consumers say it’s very important that their foods are made with all natural ingredients. Real food goes hand in hand with the holistic approach to managing health.


Give consumers what they are looking for; balanced menu options of real and fresh food that is seasoned creatively and full of flavor.


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