Wellness Moves Front and Center

Wellness Moves Front and Center

In 2014, Iconoculture introduced the trend “Death of the Diet” after analysis of Millennial choices that pointed toward a focus on energy and vitality, rather than diets. Even more, at that time, only 12% of Millennials reported dieting while 58% were willing to spend more for natural or organic products. The movement toward mindful eating was underway with an audience that had come of age with spending power and a desire to eat well without compromise. Since then, we’ve witnessed the shift toward a modern mindset that puts wellness front and center and leaves the word “diet” behind.

Companies like Weight Watchers and Atkins have felt the shift and have chosen to reevaluate their message. Weight Watchers, for instance, has introduced WW FreeStyle that’s more flexible than past programs. Oprah Winfrey, spokesperson and investor in the business, says: “WW Freestyle is not a diet. It’s a way of living.” Atkins has also selected a well-known representative, Rob Lowe of TV fame, to represent their brand. With an expected global market size of nearly $246 billion by 2022 for the weight-loss and weight-management category, they are smart to look ahead. After all, 77% of Americans are still trying to eat healthier.

“This year, I plan to eat with balance in mind. I want to feel good on the inside and know I can by understanding more about the foods I eat.”

Functional and Energizing
Foods Go Mainstream

Faster and more affordable, all diners can participate.

“I should eat more vegetables and am looking for ways to have more, but I’m also thinking about how to add more superfoods, probiotics and functional foods into my day.”

Today’s emerging focus on functional foods and ingredients is influencing purchases and menus. Spices like Turmeric saw a 300% increase in Google searches over the past 5 years and can now be ordered in latte form at coffee shop chains like Peet’s Coffee. Energy is high in demand and is being offered in products like Hydrogen Water which promises to boost energy, provide antioxidants, and remove lactic acid. And Jamba Juice brings functional to the menu by offering a Collagen Boost option for customers that are looking for “glowing skin, reduced wrinkles, and improved joint health” delivered via smoothie.

Health is very much on our minds, but the tug-of-war presses on. Balancing menus with healthy, wholesome options, indulgent choices and convenient solutions still matters. Chains like Freshii, with the slogan “Eat. Energize.” and a variety of salads, wraps, burritos, soups, juices and smoothies featuring fresh ingredients and super foods seem perfectly poised to grow in this environment. Salad and Go, a drive-thru chain headquartered in Arizona, sells 48-ounce salads for $5.74 and soups, smoothies, and breakfast all around $4. With more focused restaurant options coupled with flavorful, affordable and convenient choices available, the opportunity for healthy is set for expansion.

Today’s consumer is showing interest in healthier options, but delicious flavor is required. A dash of our sauces and condiments packs a punch. Get started building your menu with our flavor-packed products and recipe ideas.