Market your wings during college bowl season


Market your wings during college bowl season

It’s the most wonderful time of the year!

Nothing goes together quite as well as wings and football. And there is no better time for football than during the College Football Bowl Season. With 14 days of bowl games on the schedule, it makes perfect sense to connect wings to the best football of the year.

But how? Here are two ways to attach the bowl season and wings, for your guests.

  1. Pair Flavor with the Bowl. Assign each day of the bowl schedule a separate wing flavor/sauce. You can download our NCAA Football Bowl Schedule here, so you can use to make the date pairings. Then print up your own wing-pairing schedule or ask your favorite beer vendor for help – like our friends at Dos Equis – so you can let your guests know that great wing flavors and football are always on the menu at your location.
  2. In-House Tailgate Party. Who doesn’t love a tailgate? Give your guests a special College Football Bowl Tailgate package. Include chicken wings and any other items from your menu on a big platter. This will entice groups of fans that can’t get to the game to do their tailgating festivities at your joint.

Even if you already have a platter item, just change up the items on it to make this one special. Remember eight of the 14 days of bowl games are week nights between December 19 & 28. While this is a busy time, you aren’t likely at capacity on the week nights. Give your guests a reason to choose you to watch their team play its final game.

If you need any ideas for wing recipes or alternatives to add to your platter visit this great recipe tool offered by Frank’s RedHot King of Wings. It has a huge number of great ideas that will transform your wing game. Also, if you aren’t sure you are ready to crank up your wing game, check out this how-to outlining the best practices for a high volume wing program.

Article originally appeared on The Rail.