Make your wings get social


Make your wings get social

Your best social media content is right under your nose!

At The Rail, we understand the difficulties inherent in creating great social content. If you are leveraging social to market your restaurant, it can be a downright distraction. But it doesn’t need to be that way. You already have amazing opportunities to feature the one thing your guests universally care about at your restaurant -- your amazing food and beverages.

Your menu is filled with items that are great for sharing on social. But a photo of a food item without context can make it just another post. That’s why your messaging has to be relevant. A great food or beverage pic coupled with the right message becomes more than a social post -- it’s a call to action.

Check out these great examples of social text you can couple with great pics of your menu items, compliments of Frank’s RedHot.

Whether it’s the just right comment or including the right hashtag, what accompanies your image is a crucial part of making it relevant.

For example, July 29th is National Chicken Wing Day. Here’s a built-in opportunity to share images of your best wings, run a promotion or special, and reach out to guests on a subject they understand -- delicious wings.

The key to great social is great planning. Instead of scrambling daily to capture content, spend a little time getting your content organized and then plan when to run it. This will allow you to take some great pics without the pressure of a deadline, and give you time to fashion your message.

By planning, you fill the spaces in between your “in the moment” posts with thoughtful and relevant content that will get your guests up off their couch and into your restaurant.

Article originally appeared on The Rail.