Know how to pair your wings with beer


Know how to pair your wings with beer

Find that perfect pairing

The love affair between buffalo wings and sports fans is a well-established paradigm in the restaurant industry. Just take the one day even that is the Super Bowl. Each year fans consume 1.25 billion wings (yes, that’s billion with a B)!

Assuming that you are already doing well with wings in your restaurant, we believe you can combine this wing madness with another passion inducing trend -- great beer. Good news is you don’t have to be a Cicerone to make matches between your special wing sauces and the exact right beer flavor.

In fact, the folks at Frank’s King of Wings have done the work for you. Their beer pairing resource delivers a variety of wing flavor and beer style combos. You can use their suggestions or match the beer profile of your own list to the wing sauce suggestions they provide.

Either way, you can have some fun by making your own pairing suggestions for guests to enjoy. Remember, your guests think of you as the wing/beer expert and they’ll be happy to give your recommendations a try.

Visit the Frank’s King of Wings Pairings page and transform your wings into an experience and not just an appetizer.

Article originally appeared on The Rail.