Do you know which wing flavor your guests think is super?


Do you know which wing flavor your guests think is super?

Time to crown a wing-flavor champion!

With 17 weeks of regular season football, you have to be creative to keep your guests interested in returning every Sunday, and now Monday, Thursday, and Saturday. We created a great resource for Building a High Volume Wing Program that will help you execute when the wing orders roll on to the line. A basic element of that resource is marketing wings as an incentive to visit your restaurant.

Variety is a simple method to keep your wing program humming all season. In fact, featuring a new wing sauce flavor each week of the regular season is a great way to deliver variety and build a solid promotion.

The best performing wing flavors from the 17 weeks can then be run against each other, creating your own “post-season” wing tournament where you can crown the wing flavor champ on Super Bowl Sunday. This will help you identify flavors that belong on your regular menu and get your guests involved in the competition.

Here’s what you need to run this easy and fun promotion:

First, pick your 17 different flavors. Have fun and be fearless. Your only investment is in a few sauce ingredients.

Second, create the point of sale materials to support the promotion Make sure it’s eye catching and speaks to the heart of the promo.

Third, create a business card with 17 dates on the back. If a guest orders the special wings, you mark his card and offer a special prize for the guest’s performance on trying out the new wing flavor. You can also be flexible and let any order of wings qualify the guest to win. That way, no one feels left out who just loves your traditional Buffalo Wings. This type of season-long promotion doesn’t take much energy after the planning is done, but it will deliver both flavor and fun to your guests for 17 weeks of football.

Alternately, if you’re not in the mood to run a wing-flavor tournament, you can offer a flavor-of-the-week promo. Track which flavors sell the best and add it to your regular menu.

Need help making this promo happen?

Frank’s King of Wings is there to help with all your wing-inspired promos. They have a Flavor Toolwith great recipes if you’re looking for culinary inspiration, a Pairing Guide with great beer/wing pairing options to share with guests, and a tool to help you print your own custom signage.

As we’ve mentioned before, it’s best not to build promotions alone. Leaning on partners like Frank’s King of Wings makes the job easier and builds credibility to your promo.

Article originally appeared on The Rail.