Our Story


The Growers

Grown by mustard’s #1 fans. Using only the finest #1 grade mustard seeds requires a commitment above and beyond what most manufacturers are willing to make. But it’s what sets French’s® Mustard apart, and it begins by partnering with farmers who share our passion for excellence. The expertise they bring to their craft each day results in a consistently clean, fresh and full-flavored product. 

Cool weather and rich soil are the ideal conditions for growing mustard seeds. Knowledge of soil preservation is also critical to assure that the earth will continue to bear the same high-quality results for years to come. 

“In the past ten years, we have learned more about soils and how they work since the beginning of agriculture,” says Larry, a second-generation farmer who grows mustard. “Incorporating this will bring us better crops with higher yields.”

Major advances have come in technology as well, which assures a safe and high-quality product. Jon, another mustard farmer, describes it best. “Technology has been the consumer’s best friend. Through the use of new technologies, we produce food better while making less of an impact on the environment than ever.” 

“Each and every day of life we all eat…it is important to me to provide for the world the best and safest quality product to enjoy,” concludes Larry. We couldn’t agree more.


The Makers

Only seasoned pros can make perfectly seasoned mustard. Given all the care that goes into growing French’s® #1 grade mustard seeds, it just makes sense to assure an equally strong investment into their processing. The Makers are the ones who transform the seeds into our superior-quality products, and no one is more to thank for making French’s® America’s Favorite Mustard™.

It takes a real commitment to employ a team of certified master grinders and keep them performing their craft for every bottle of French’s® Mustard produced. But we believe the results are well worth the investment. 

As plant veteran Kim describes, “it’s a combination of art and science to run the mustard mills and get just the right grind.” After nearly three decades on the job, she continues to confirm our decision to employ only the best people and best practices.


The Masters

Inspired by the flavors of a favorite brand. Culinary masters know that every aspect of a meal matters—from the center of the plate to the condiments and toppings used to complement the flavors. And for more than 100 years, inspired chefs have reached for French’s® products to elevate their dishes to flavorful new heights.

Chefs can taste the difference thanks to the #1 grade mustard seeds used to create French’s® iconic Mustards; the red ripe tomatoes and real sugar used to create sweet French’s® Tomato Ketchup; and the yellow globe onions used to create the crunchy goodness of French’s® Crispy Fried Onions. They know their patrons can taste the difference, too.

Put it all together, and you’ve got the makings of one delicious cheeseburger. Or put some more thought to it, and you’ve got the ingredients to create legendary new dishes. Either way, it all starts with the inspiration of one of America’s favorite brands.